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CMS For Websites And Portals

CMS easy to handle and manage the content

Would you be able to manage and edit every time you need the contents of your website? Unfortunately, in many cases, this operation is not possible without the right programming skills, so any changes can be made ​​only by Web Agency or by the Webmaster who created the site.

This dependence on third involves a waste of time and money, but fortunately is no longer required due to the use of CMS (Content Management System), or control panels that allow you to clearly and quickly to organize the process of creation and editing content of each website.

Anyone can use a CMS, with no need to have technical knowledge or programming, since each operation is performed through an intuitive interface with similar functions to a simple word page.

We design CMS customized according to customer needs, developing ad hoc solutions reasoned according to the real needs of the project web.

At the same time having great experience with the most popular open source CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, etc.. We can make all kinds of customizations and develop modules and widgets.

After an initial brief with the client we deal with every aspect of the work:

  • Analysis of the needs and characteristics of the cms
  • planning and development platform
  • customization graphics
  • data entry for initial inclusion content
  • user training
  • management and maintenance

CMS For Portals, Websites, E-Commerce And Blog

The CMS are particularly recommended for the management of sites of hotels and accommodation facilities, large portals, online magazines, e-commerce and blogs, that given the frequency of updates and the amount of content (news, events, offers, articles, prices , etc. ..), need a management platform and agile performance for the efficient loading of text, images, video and more.

CMS Optimized For Search Engines

In addition to providing a specific product to suit your needs, we also care about the visibility of the site, developing CMS designed to generate pages and content optimized 100% for the search engines.

Thanks to this care of the SEO, every article or page created with our CMS has all the requirements to be quickly and properly indexed by search engines.

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