Social Media Marketing

Optimize Your Social Presence

Strategies for promotion on Social Networks

Social networks are the most popular community on the Internet, within which millions of users around the world gather to communicate and interact. Day after day social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, Foursquare, just to name the most famous, grow exponentially, posting access increasingly frequent and long browsing sessions.

The emergence of these new forms of community aggregation makes such an extraordinary opportunity to promote your business, expand your network of contacts, relationships with users or to retain existing customers. Promote it on social networks effectively is only possible thanks to an unconventional marketing strategy, which must be reasoned approach for users in a context where traditional advertising takes root in a marginal way.

The social fact should not be considered as a suitable channel for direct sale, but as a framework to build relationships, trust, improve brand perception, factors which may subsequently influence the buying process users.

In relation to this, the social approach involves proper disclosure of a commercial message in a not too explicit, preferably conveyed through a discussion proposed by opinion leaders and influencers, or through viral initiatives, such as a sweepstakes.

Another method consists in producing profitable valuable content and high engagement that stimulate shares, and word of mouth spontaneously by users.

The primary purpose is to expand its audience, enhance brand awareness and acquire contacts profiles, that after being lured with various initiatives will be loyal, and finally directed to business purpose.

Our consulting in Social Media is aimed at small and large companies, brands and professionals who wish to guard against the Social Network effectively, developing tailored strategies that provide measurable results.

Social Media Strategy

After analyzing the brand's presence on social networks, we develop a comprehensive strategy to maximize visibility, reputation, customer interaction and sales processes / loyalty, defining clear objectives, activities and content necessary to achieve and metrics for measuring of the results.

Advertising Creativity And Development

  • Managing advertising campaigns on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Linkedin
  • Creating and developing creative campaigns with high engagement (applications, contest, landing tabs, mini-sites)

Content Marketing

  • Definition of viral content and value to increase visibility and interaction
  • Content with a high production engagement (photos, videos, white papers, infographics, etc.).
  • Posting content on the channels and networks which can trigger word of mouth Monitoring and reporting

Integration And Social Media Site

  • Integrate social plugins and widgets on websites to increase interaction
  • Integrating Open Graph and Google Authorship
  • Integration of advanced functions sharing (Facebook actions, Facebook connect, etc.).

Management Of Soial Presence

  • Management and monitoring of the presence Social
  • Setup, customization and optimization profiles and social brand page
  • Planning, production, and publishing content
  • Interaction with users, oderating and managing critical situations
  • Training for corporate social media team
  • Monitoring and reporting.

Social Brand Reputation

  • Sentiment Analysis reputation on social media
  • Constant monitoring for detection in real time mentions and shares
  • Planning strategies and corrective action in case of negative mentions
  • Criticality management in accordance with the company Monitoring and reporting
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