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Positioning Websites high on the search engines

Would you buy a Picasso painting and then keep it in the safe? Or a nice watch and then leave it in the drawer? Of course not!

The same goes for your website. It is not enough to make a site, you have to make it visible!

To achieve this purpose, the search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing, play a crucial role, as they are the most used by users to find services, products and information on the web.

The statistics say, however, that the average user does not go beyond the second page of the results of a search engine, so it's essential to be at the top of the rankings to draw concrete benefits in terms of traffic and visibility.

Of course it is not easy to achieve this result, obtainable only addressing a SEO agency with a strong experience of search engine optimization is needed to carry out operations and activities to ensure proper indexing and an organic positioning optimum and long-lasting.

You must be wondering why you should choose our agency?

100% of Achievements

We at Zoviant, thanks to the experience gained in over 7 years of consulting in the field of SEO , we are proud to say that we have always achieved the goals set for our customers, even in the most competitive sectors.

Every website we dealt with is in fact in the top positions of the ranking of search engines for the main keywords related to its business sector, which is why our clients have the knowledge and peace of mind to rely on real experts, with a portfolio that demonstrates the quality of the work done to date.

The Ideal Customer of Our SEO Agency?

If you already have a website or want to build a new one and would like to increase the visits of potential customers. Would you like to be found on the web from users interested in the products or services offered by your company? We at Secret Key can realize this dream!

Stages Of SEO Advice

The SEO advice offered by our agency are divided into different phases, necessary to achieve the objectives in full compliance with the rules laid down by the search engines:

1. Definition Of Objectives
  • Preliminary analysis of the website and its contents
  • Definition of the target you intend to intercept
  • Choosing keywords based on search volume and competition
  • Defining objectives and the time to achieve them
2. Total Optimization Of The Site
  • Optimization of site content (text, photos, video) in optical conversions
  • Optimization factors on-site and on-page (structure, code, url, meta tags, etc..)

3. Increase Link Popularity And Authoritativeness
  • Finding sites and blogs related to the area of ​​relevance
  • Realization valuable content for publication thematic guest post
  • Realization valuable content to increase social signals
4. Monitoring, Maintenance, Report
  • Periodic inspection of the site ranking for your chosen keywords
  • Advance link building and constant monitoring of the link obtained
  • Benchmark constant competitors sites
  • Periodic reporting of ranking on search engine
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